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Racing Green "Engineering Limited", is restoring and recreating "Bentley Specials" for over 30 years, based on old Bentley chassies with pre-war engines : Bentley- SLe Mans , Alpine ,Old Nr 1, Speed Eight .... The restoration is done respecting one single objective : building a car as similar as posible to the one , with the advantage that the restored car is provided with modern driving characteristics. In addition,  these cars are easier to drive and less expensive to maintain.  For all these reasons "Hector Classic Mobiles" H.C.M, agreed to enter into a partnership with Racing Green.

Thanks to a fully equipped workshop and a highly qualified Service manager,we are ready to take care of, to restore, to service all type of Vintage-Classic cars or to tune them. Besides, we also provide price estimations and re-sale services. In addition, we offer storage (and maintenance) services for classic and vintage cars with the spirit of being the best "guardian" of your car. Under arrangement, we cloud also provide a fully equipped "Service Van" to assist or back up during a rally or any other competition all over the world.

Hector Classic Mobiles is based in Belgium, but our services and passion have no borders...

General Manager: Franz Lamot

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Retromobile Paris - 8/9/10/11/12 February 2017

We are very proud to announce the first participation of Hector Classic Mobiles in this famous exhibition that has acquired high renown over the years.

InterClassics Maastricht - 12/13/14/15 January 2017

Tour Amical - Sardegn'Amical

It's the final countdown ! Thursday, September 8, 2016.... The cars participating in this each time again successful rally leave Antwerp towards Sardinia ! As usual, Hector Classic Mobiles will…

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Address Grote Steenweg 10 2440 Geel, Belgium

Tel / email General enquiries:
0032 (0)14 746.012
Classic & Sportscars:
0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)
0032 (0)496 167.070 (Kurt Geens)
0032 (0)471 867.065 (Michèle Lamot)
0032 (0)499 756.165 (Pascal Van den Eynde)
0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)

Opening times

From monday - friday: 9h00 - 17h00
Saturday: 9h00 - 15h00
Sunday: Closed

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General enquiries: 0032 (0)14 746.012

Classic & Sportscars: 0032 (0)496 167.070 (Kurt Geens)

Sales & Marketing: 0032 (0)471 867.065 (Michèle Delcorte)

Technician: 0032 (0)499 756.165 (Pascal Van den Eynde)

Email: workshop@hcmobiles.eu

Management: 0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)

Email: info@hcmobiles.eu